Fallon Home For Sale

Are you looking for an incredible opportunity to own a stunning home in Fallon? Located on the banks of a serene river, 1915 Bafford Ln is offering an unbeatable price for a beautiful property that is sure to exceed your expectations. With a remarkable price reduction and an increase in buyer concessions, the seller is going the extra mile to assist buyers in making their dream home a reality.

You’ll find this home has plenty of features to accommodate a growing family or multiple vehicles, with attached and detached garages that can hold up to five vehicles. In addition, this property also includes water righted acreage, allowing you to access water for various purposes. To top it off, the property also encompasses a lovely wooded area, providing a peaceful and tranquil retreat.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a stunning home on the river. With the combination of an unbeatable price, increased buyer concessions, and the availability of attached and detached garages and water righted acreage, this property is a standout in the Fallon real estate market. Embrace the opportunity to own a slice of paradise and make it your own. Contact the seller today and embark on an exciting journey towards owning your dream home in Fallon. Fallon Home For Sale