Melbourne Village Home For Sale

Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? If so, then Melbourne Village could be the perfect place for you. This small town is nestled among the trees and surrounded by nature, and it is home to some charming properties – one of which is a particularly delightful home that is currently up for sale.

As soon as you approach this picturesque cottage, you can feel the stress of the day start to dissipate. The winding roads lined with trees lead you to a home that exudes charm and serenity. Contrary to its quaint appearance, this house is actually a newer construction, offering all the modern amenities you could need.

One of the most impressive features of this Melbourne Village home is the double master suites. With two spacious bedrooms, each featuring an en-suite bathroom, there is plenty of room to relax and unwind. The layout of the house has been perfectly designed to provide maximum privacy and comfort for both residents and visitors alike.

The energy-efficient features of the home will not only help reduce your environmental impact but also save you money. The average monthly electric bill from Florida Power and Light (FPL) is a mere $100. At the same time, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

When you step inside, you are greeted by stunning garden views from every window. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or reading a book in the living room, the peaceful surroundings will be close at hand. There is also the option to relax on one of the two screened porches and watch the local wildlife go about their day.

In addition to these features, the house is equipped with two HVAC units, 3/4” foam insulation, pre-wired ethernet, a central vacuum system, and a boiling water dispenser. These amenities make day-to-day life stress-free.

The town of Melbourne Village also offers residents a range of amenities, such as 50 acres of privately owned parkland, playgrounds for children, and a community garden. There is also an optional association that sponsors a pool and year-round events for all ages.

The convenient location of the home is another great benefit. You will be just a short drive away from tech jobs, schools, shopping, dining, golf courses, tennis courts, and a marina. Plus, the beach and downtown Melbourne are only minutes away.

Moreover, the contents of the home are negotiable, allowing you to potentially purchase some or all of the furnishings, making the moving process a breeze.

In summary, this Melbourne Village home is a gem. Combining a storybook cottage charm, modern amenities, and tranquil surroundings, it offers the perfect blend of comfort and serenity. If you’re looking for a permanent residence or a vacation retreat, this property is certainly worth considering. So why not take a drive along the tree-lined winding roads of Melbourne Village and see for yourself? 5800 Live Oak Avenue, Melbourne Village, FL 32904 Melbourne Village Home For Sale